Week of March 1st – 5th

No, you are not behind, Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t this week, but it is right around the corner. May 3rd to May 7th is Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week and the PTA is working to plan some well-earned appreciation for the dedicated and hard working teachers and staff at MTMS. We have a few things in the works, but wanted to reach out to the Mt. Tabor community and see if there is any interest in donating for Teacher Appreciation Week. With donations from the school community we will be able to expand our appreciation activities for staff and teachers. If you are able and willing, financial contributions can be made through SchoolPay at the following link: https://pps.schoolpay.com/pay/for/Help-Appreciate-Our-Staff/Sc0LLKX


We had a great experience at the end of last year working with Dream Dinners. Order three meals at the links provided below for $50.00. Each meals serves 2-3 people. If you have a large family, you can comment when you place your order and let them know you want to double the portions. Each meal will then serve 4-6 people and the cost will be $100.00.

Pick up for the March 18th orders is 6:30pm-7:00pm at the Dream Dinners kitchen in Beaverton. Orders have to be placed by March 17th at 12:00am.

March 18th : https://dreamdinners.com/session/876823

Pick up for the March 20th orders is 12:00pm-12:30pm, also at the Dream Dinners kitchen in Beaverton. Orders have to be placed by March 19th at 12:00am.

March 20th : https://dreamdinners.com/session/876824

Pick up is easy, pull up to the building and the friendly and knowledgeable staff will check in with you while you wait in your car and bring your meals out. Dream Dinners are prepped and frozen, ready for you or your family to complete by cooking or heating up.

For every order, Dream Dinners generously donates $10.00 back to the PTA. That is 20% of your purchase, twice what most Restaurant Partners offer. If you place a standard order within a week of your pick up date, Dream Dinners will donate another $20.00 to the PTA.

**In March Dream Dinners is awarding the top 10 fundraising events an additional $500.00 matching donation.** 



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The treats were so good for the Valentines Day Holiday Fundraiser with Dairy Hill Ice Cream, we are going back for more! Thursday, March 25th Dairy Hill on Hawthorne is doing a Restaurant Partner event with MTMS. They will donate a portion of sales to the MTMS PTA. Mark your calendar for this Spring Break activity.