Week of May 3rd – May 7th

Happy Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Thank you to all the teachers and staff that make a difference in the lives of our children! We see you, always, but especially in the last 14 months. Your passion, compassion, flexibility, and expertise come through whether you are in the classroom or on a screen. We appreciate you all!

The PTA, with the support of the MTMS community, have been able to provide each staff member at MTMS with a $10.00 gift card for Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters. We hope that staff will enjoy a coffee or tea and a treat on their way to or from work, now that they are traveling into school most days of the work week.

In addition, the PTA partnered with Dream Dinners to provide a family meal for each staff member at MTMS. Staff have to register for the free meal (which serves 2-3 people) and they will be delivered to the school for teachers to pick up after classes on Tuesday, May 11th. Thank you to Dream Dinners for offering to support our teachers and staff by feeding them a delicious meal!

It is hard to believe it is already May. We know the end of this unique school year is right around the corner. The PTA is planning to provide some support to MTMS for 8th grade graduation. Please let us know if you have any fantastic ideas or any time to volunteer. We will have more details in the next few weeks and would love to include anyone that would like to help celebrate our 8th graders.