Week of May 24th – 28th

It is an exciting time… finishing up the school year, the anticipation of summer break, moving onto the next grade, or even moving on to high school. This time of year seems full of promise and hope. Everything is fresh and green outside, there is the accomplishment of surviving (or thriving) through the school year, the prospect of a change of pace for summer, and the wonder of what the next school year will bring.

The PTA is hopeful that your students (and we know this means you adults too) are finding success in the last weeks of school – getting those assignments turned in and projects completed. We also hope that your students (and you adults) don’t have to spend the holiday weekend catching up on middle school work, but you won’t alone if you do. It is forecasted to be a lovely, warm weekend. Enjoy! And stay safe!

In the last two weeks of the school year, please consider how you would like to support Mt. Tabor Middle School next year. Are you considering a PTA board member position? Is there an event that you love and would like to volunteer for or an event that your would like to see the PTA support? Do you have resources or connections that you would like to share with the PTA? Is there a topic you would like to see discussed at a general PTA meeting? Let us know. We love to be as prepared as possible going into the next school year. You can reach out to the PTA at anytime through our Facebook page or by emailing us at mtmspta@gmail.com.

We continue to have people reach out about positions for the PTA board next year. We have the following board positions available at this time:

Volunteer Coordinator

Student Store and Bottle Drop Coordinator

Hard of Hearing Program Representative

Spanish Language Program Representative