Classrooms in Motion

Mt. Middle School PTA is committed to meeting this important need (and request from school staff) to provide alternative seating options for our students. Students at Mt. Tabor Middle School do not have any alternative seating options in their classrooms. The PTA would like the community’s help and support in providing 100 wobble seats, alternative chairs, and/or stand-up desk options for students to get a little variety and motion during class time. If you are able, please consider donating to this fundraiser through SchoolPay. Our goal is $7,500.

If you donate $75.00, that will provide one wobble seat to a MTMS classroom; however, any amount is helpful. We appreciate being part of this great community and all the ways you choose to support the school and the PTA. Donate through SchoolPay at or the QR code below.

* Any funds raised beyond the goal will be used to meet other needs and requests from MTMS staff and students.