Welcome to new Mt Tabor Middle School families and welcome back to returning families! The PTA is very excited about the upcoming school year and eager to support teachers, students, and staff. While the last school year was anything but traditional or typical, the PTA was still able to accomplish some important things. Last year we:

Arranged Restaurant Partner events for the community to enjoy and to raise funds to support PTA activities

Partnered with school counselors for the Winter Fundraising Drive to raise funds for families in need

Reimbursed teachers for classroom supplies

Provided a meal and coffee gift cards to all staff during staff appreciation week

Provided supplies to families participating in the BottleDrop program

Arranged and coordinated fundraisers with Dream Dinners

Purchased decorations and decorated for 8th grade promotion

Published a weekly PTA post or newsletter

Held four PTA General Meetings with special, professional speakers on a variety of topics related

And much more!

This year we are not quite back to our “normal” activities due to the continued pandemic, but we are determined to accomplish all the things we did last year and more.

We started this school year off partnering with Ms. Arnold for Community Care Day to help clean up the school grounds. (That inspired us and we aspire to procure some flowers for the internal courtyard to further beautify the space for our students.)

We are working to purchase microphones or voice amplifiers for all teachers, as soon as possible. We hear that speaking and projecting through a mask to a classroom of students has its challenges. We have 44 teachers to supply with voice amplifiers. We are looking at options for about $35.99 each. Our goal is to raise at least $1583.56, so we can ensure all teachers have this useful tool to teach our students. Donations for this effort can be paid through SchoolPay at the following link https://www.schoolpay.com/link/MTMSamplifier. (Any funds raised above the need for voice amplifiers will go into the MTMS general fund for other teacher and student needs as the year progresses.)

We are planning to supply staff with a meal and treats during parent-teacher conferences this year (in November).

And, we want to spoil the MTMS staff way more than we did last year for Staff Appreciation Week (in May).


Become a member of the PTA. Membership is $15.00 annually per person. Membership dues help support all the activities noted above and additional needs that arise during the year. It is easy to sign up and pay the annual dues at SchoolPay using the following link https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/PTA-Membership-Fee/SbGfd2v. There is a $1.00 convenience fee to use this method. You can also send a check made out to MTMS PTA to the school office. If you use this method, please fill out the PTA Membership Form from the digital back to school packet and send it with the check or email it to the MTMA PTA so we can sign officially sign you up as a PTA member.

Volunteer. There are multiple ways to volunteer with the MTMS PTA. We have board positions available for the year or there are always big and small volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. More to come in future weeks.

Follow the PTA website and Facebook page. Keep up-to-date on PTA activities and community needs by reading the newsletter (website post) and following us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MTMSPTA/ https://mtmspta.com/

Donate as you are able. Follow the PTA website and Facebook page to see what we are up to and donate to help support our activities, which in turn support MTMS teachers and students.