Week of September 6th – 10th

The MTMS PTA has much to share with the community as the school year starts, but we are going to focus on just two important items right now – microphones/amplifiers for teachers and PTA membership.

As of Thursday evening about 5:00pm, the MTMS community has contributed $1,005 dollars for voice amplifiers for teachers!!! Thank you. We are getting closer. There are 44 teachers at MTMS. Each voice amplifier is about $35.99. We need to raise at least $1583.56 dollars total. This means we have $578.56 more to raise. If you are able, please consider making a donation to this fund. Teacher voices get tired trying to project through a mask all day and these voice amplifiers are helpful and can take some of the strain off. (We heard from educators that these devices were very helpful.) If you have it on your list to make a donation, stop reading this and click the link or scan the QR code below and make the donation. Don’t wait until tomorrow. The PTA would like to get the devices ordered and to teachers as soon as possible. (If more money is raised in this fund then is needed for amplifiers, the PTA will add it to the general fund. This will go to support teacher and student needs throughout the year.)

Voice Amplifiers for teachers. Donations to the fund can be made through School Pay at the following link or using the following QR code.


Next item of business – PTA Membership.

As of Wednesday evening, we have 25 MTMS PTA members signed up. Our goal this year is to have a 100 members! The membership fee is $15.00 per person, per academic year. Membership dues are used to provide needed items and programs to teachers and students, for example, reimbursing teachers for classroom supplies or special projects, student library materials, and 8th grade commencement, are just a few examples. Joining the PTA does not come with any time commitment, we would love for you to join our General PTA Meetings four times are year, but it is not required. You can register and pay the dues for membership through School Pay at the following link or by scanning the following QR code.