School closed until April 1st…

What a week! Snow, Pandemics, cancelled school – to name a few. As we now know that school is cancelled until at least April 1st. I have been seeing lots of resources and kind offers of help and collaboration over the last couple of days on the Mt. Tabor Parents Facebook page, Next Door and others. I will be working to aggregate a list of online options and sharing them over the next couple of days. Please feel free to share if you find something useful as your week progresses. I will do my best to share updates as they become available. May we all land back at school safe and healthy as quickly as possible. Stay Well!


APRIL 7th PTA General Meeting Cancelled – Tentatively Re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th.

Mt. Tabor Middle School Community Night with the Trailblazers on Tuesday, April 7th… DEADLINE: Friday, March 6th